A New California Bill Would Require Antitheft Technology for Cellphones

NY Times- A smartphone is sleek, compact and valuable, which makes it a perfect target for a thief. Californian lawmakers want to require cellphone companies to fix that problem.

In the last year, officials in San Francisco and New York have pressured cellphone companies to adopt a so-called “kill switch” that would render a smartphone unusable after it was stolen, which would make it difficult for a thief to sell the device. On Friday, State Senator Mark Leno of California, a Democrat, is expected to introduce legislation requiring all smartphones and tablets sold in the state to include this kind of feature.

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ajax172818d ago

I love this idea... sort of. I mean who's to stop a kill switch from accidentaly going off. Or a phone company from killing your phone completely if you miss a payment. They should be optional imo

kingPoS2817d ago

More substance for the landfills it is, unless of course the would be thief plans on using it for spare parts.