Nyko Xbox One Charge Base Review-JustPushStart

JPS Writes: "Most gamers have likely heard of Nyko at some point in their years of gaming. They have always been known for their array of third-party accessories for a variety of consoles and handhelds, sometimes even making accessories that aren’t available as a first-party item. With Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One, launching back in November, it was inevitable that Nyko would get in on the action, and their latest release is the Nyko Xbox One Charge Base."

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ShadyDevil2818d ago

Nyko makes solid products. Not surprised.

Spiewie 2818d ago

Ahh I'm a lame gamer never heard of Nyko.

ajax172818d ago

I still can't believe Microsoft stuck with a AA controller again!

SilentNegotiator2817d ago

How else are they going to charge you for play and charge kits or get licensing money from companies like Nyko?