HTC One sequel M8 front face revealed

Gadgetgyaan: HTC One 2 is already in the news and and till now we are familiar with its backend but for the very first time the shots of its front face are leaked and we can see the charms of the upcoming HTC One 2.

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Spiewie 2905d ago

Looks like just a bigger version of the HTC One which is a good thing.

Soldierone2904d ago

Love my HTC One, why fix what isn't broken.

Crazay2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I've never owned an HTC - they were always the low-end brand of phones compared to the Nokias, LGs and Samsungs of the world. I'd also had many friends who hated their HTC devices in the past. That does look sharp though.

Soldierone2904d ago

Never really paid much attention. Think they stepped up with this one though, its the best phone I've ever owned.

Being a Verizon customer, its basically this (after a year), an iphone, or a samsung iphone knockoff lol

SSJBen2904d ago

Looks fake.

But whatever it is going to be, there better not be any stupid purple-tint issue on the camera this time.

2904d ago
itisallaboutps2904d ago

I just want a removable back aluminum plate. To replace the battery because one isn't enough for two years of you are planning on keeping it longer. Mine after a year and almost a halve doesn't last as long as it used to.