Samsung Galaxy S5 complete specs leaked

Gadgetgyaan: Samsung has launched many phones last year, but it’s most popular phone ditched the company last year. Well, Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched with many hopes, but it was not sold so well. The company did not faced any loss, but the feedback was not positive as most of the people are not adoring the design of the S4.

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Speed-Racer2820d ago


Pfffff. Samsung does this every year. Their specs pop up in the wild long before the actual launch, which is kinda lame. Was always disappointed with Samsung presentations. Apple takes the cake for that.

gizmig2820d ago

Its not just Samsung, Apple too do it many times if you have noticed.

Gadgetgyaan2819d ago

the whole specs never comes out until the launch. But, in the case of Samsung the info is like an open book.

93d2819d ago

haha true samsung kills all the suspense :P

Gadgetgyaan2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Samsung can't keep the secret. However, Apple can manage.

Speed-Racer2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Certainly. Like how everyone knew the iPhone 5S specs before they went live with the presentation. Are you sure you guys are tech writers?

Spiewie 2819d ago

Hmm well to be honest I like to find out what the specs are like as soon as possible so gotta love Samsung.

zag2819d ago

This isn't specs its made up bs.

Apple doesn't leak its products or specs an 20yo Australian kid in contact with the factory workers leaks the info.

Apple are looking to sue him for industrial spying.

Samsung is very hard to get specs because they make all their own screens and chips. And make their own products in house.

So very little info actually gets out until samsung gives the ok for it.

Currently people are just saying any gs5 specs because they don't know any specs bar screen or chip talk.

This site with the specs doesn't know what cpu is in the gs5 it has 2 listed.

The gs3 and 4 only have 2 for 3g networks and lte network. Gs 4 had 2 because samsung couldn't make enough cpus for all the phones made

Crazay2819d ago

I NEED a new phone...sooo bad but I'm still holding out. I just know the second I buy a phone, something groundbreaking is going to come along and I'm going to be pissed.

Gadgetgyaan2819d ago

It always happens. But, it doesn't mean you stop upgrading. You just need to find the perfect match.

Crazay2819d ago

for me the perfect match happened 2 and a bit years ago when the Galaxy Nexus came out from Samsung...but now I need MORE! More power, more space, more resolution, more bells and whistles.

Agent_hitman2819d ago

Can it run Snakes or Tetris or Angry birds?. Will it blend?. Are they allergic to selfish??.

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