Samsung Galaxy S5 launch Scheduled for Feb 24th

Gadgetgyaan: Samsung Galaxy S5 is the biggest buzz on the online portals across the Globe and it looks like that the time has came for its unveiling. Samsung is going to have their Unpacked Event 5 and the Episode 1 is scheduled for Feb 24th.

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Agent_hitman2207d ago

To those people who loves to buy new phones yearly, I feel sorry for you. Your Samsung phones and tablets becomes obsolete yearly because of the manufacturer's stupidity to beat their competitors by release hundreds of various phones yearly..

Me I would just stick to my Nokia 3310 lol..

KingPin2207d ago

looks like your stupidity knows no bounds. :P

they dont release new phones to beat their competitors, they release new phones to better their products.

and people who upgrade yearly are idiots. flagship handsets lasts years. basically if you bought the S2, you'd upgrade to S4 (2 years later.) if you got the S3, you'd get a S5 (2 years later). 2 years being the standard contract time limit per cellphone.

its just keeping clients happy. when they upgrade, they feel as if they really upgraded. unlike the nokias of old where when its time to upgrade, you get the same phone with a better camera and a bigger model number...with snake.

and look where nokia are now with their non changing handsets...clearly not the giant they once were.

most of the android handsets all have the same internals. snapdragon processors and adreno GPUs. samsung, HTC, LG and Sony...whats next? you gonna tell em to join up and make one phone every 5 years just so that you don't look like an idiot. lol

Speed-Racer2207d ago

Yea this is how I buy phones as well. Waiting another year to see what Google has to offer in the Nexus department even though the Nexus 5 was a pretty big jump from the 4, but I can wait.

rogimusprime2207d ago

Actually, it's called planned obsolescense.

Gadgetgyaan2207d ago

Completely agree with KingPin

SilentNegotiator2207d ago

"Actually, it's called planned obsolescense"

Actually it's called "Technology", which gets better every year, cheaper every year, and more efficient every year.

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SilentNegotiator2207d ago

Right, like you're not going to buy the next Nokia when your contract gives out.

Tiqila2206d ago

I dont know how the situation is in your country, where I live you can also use your phone without a contract where you get new phones every two years. Those contracts are called prepaid, because you dont have to pay every month, but rather are responsible to reload money on your mobile (like with those itunes cards you can buy in shops or psn cards,...).

ajax172206d ago

Whoa! this seems way too early!

GentlemenRUs2206d ago

S6 hopefully around November 2015.

Zefros2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I got Z1 this time, really great phone, will keep it until z3 arrives or maybe a new HTC. Had galaxy s2 and s3 ( my s2 broke) , really good phones but i want to test out other brands. Right now the Z1 is the best phone i have owned.