Legalization of medical marijuana linked to drop in suicide rate among younger men

Vyralize: A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health has found a correlation between the drop in suicide rates among men between the ages of 20-39 in states that have recently legalized medical marijuana usage.

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AiirJordann232907d ago

they just now figuring this out? alcohol can kill you and cause problems with family and cause wrecks, but i smoke alot of weed after work cause i have a stressful job. i work at a tax office so just imagine the stress you get when people call about their money and you get cursed out. but week helps with stress just watch what you eay when you high i eat and drink everything when you high

Gondee2907d ago

People are allowed to hurt themselves with 8 hour sitting work days, cigarettes, alcohol, why can't we just smoke or do whatever we want. The information of effects are all right in front of us, it should be ones choice to ignore or concede to facts. This survey is bullshit btw, yet another point for arguments.

thebudgetgamer2906d ago

Man I do feel really crappy.
(smokes a joint)
15 minutes later.
Man I sure do feel, wait I forgot. Gonna play some games.