Why you should stop playing Candy Crush right now

Vyralize: When you think about Candy Crush Saga, you think about the time-wasting game that is essentially an upgraded Bejeweled. Even I’ve gotten caught up in the drama, losing many hours trying to match candy colors and types just to get to the next level.

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Speed-Racer2910d ago

Really a scumbag move. Digital copyright laws need to be re-written so that companies can't abuse their privileges.

2910d ago
isa_scout2909d ago

Hope they go the way of Zynga soon. What the H is wrong with the US Trademark Office though? That's the big question from me...Mind bogglingly stupid move.

Edito2909d ago

My wife is very addicted to this game...

KingPin2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

this game is really really over-rated.
played it and got bored after a while. its really monotonous.

how can they copyright a word? a name made up of words i can understand. but copyrighting single words? ridiculous. whats next...Copyrighting single alphabets...oh wait....last i checked Apple has "i". the US sure has some retarded people working in high places.

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