Upcoming Windows 8.1 update will Skip the Start Screen

Gadgetgyaan: Microsoft is trying to fix all the complaints being files by the people against Windows. And among these complains, Start button and metro UI have always remain on the top of the list. With Windows 8.1, Start button appeared. Now, there are rumors about Windows 8.1.1 or Windows 8.1 Update 1 that it user can skip the start screen by default.

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gizmig2651d ago

Hard to tell! But I will be very happy if they skip that.

gizmig2650d ago

Hope so. I am looking forward to it.

sham2650d ago

Personally i like window7 way more than 8

NCAzrael2650d ago

I work for a computer shop, and we sell a wide range of models of laptops and desktops. Since day one of the first hardware releases with Windows 8 pre-installed, at least 30% of my customers have asked if they can "downgrade" to Windows 7, and I'd say close to half make some form of complaint about Windows 8.

Personally, I won't install it on my home PC, and I won't purchase a laptop with it unless it's a touch screen, and even then I'm not going to be thrilled about having to use it.

SniperControl2650d ago

OK, am I getting my wires crossed with something else. You can boot directly to desktop and skip the start screen already.

NCAzrael2650d ago

Yeah, I was going to comment on that as well. It's already a feature built into 8.1. Now if they really wanted to make people happy, they would add an option for a "classic" start menu instead of the start screen. Make the start button function like it used to.

If that happened, along with the functionality of the windows key opening the start menu instead of taking you to the start page, I would be willing to give 8 a try, and I'd probably hear a lot less complaints at work.

93d2650d ago

If they do, my faith in microsoft will be restored LOL XD

Gadgetgyaan2650d ago

Microsoft will restore that lost hope.

AiirJordann232650d ago

i just upgraded and i had got a black screen after log in i could still see the mouse, i fixed it. there is a fix on youtube that works using the cmd

SilentNegotiator2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Having used W8 for several months now, it doesn't really matter to me anymore UNLESS they give us a REAL start button.

twdll2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I literally paid "start8" to get the start button back. It functions exactly like the classic style. I also boot directly to the older desktop. I like having the option to boot to desktop or tiles, and still have the advantages of Windows 8 like very fast boot time. I use "rainmeter" as well, but would like to see custom backgrounds... ie. PS3... that moved.

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