Yahoo Detects Mass Hack Attempt On Yahoo Mail, Resets All Affected Passwords

TechCrunch : The details are a bit sparse right now, but Yahoo has just disclosed by way of their Tumblr that they’ve detected what they’re calling a “coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts”.

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gizmig2651d ago

Hackers are much advanced and active nowadays. After giant Google it's Yahoo now or is it the reply from Google only?

pompombrum2651d ago

I'd say check to make sure the NSA weren't doing their weekly check however it says unauthorized access.

awiseman2651d ago

I see what you did there.

Crazay2651d ago

people use yahoo mail? that's so cute

gizmig2651d ago

Well, I don't know in which world you live. Many people do use yahoo mail till now too.

Crazay2651d ago

I live in one where a solid 90% of users use their personal emails via their ISP (which is never Yahoo) or Gmail.

gizmig2651d ago

Yes that is true but those 90% belong to only where you live. But there are many countries out there too buddy who uses yahoo or gmail.

Anyways this is what I have seen and believe. I personally have gmail and yahoo mail both as well as my personal emails from ISP. I am active on all of them.

Crazay2651d ago

EVen my friends in the US and the UK. None of them use Yahoo.

Goro2651d ago

It's in the top 3 most popular email services...

Speed-Racer2651d ago

Many people have Yahoo accounts, but like me, they use it as a spam email when they need to sign up for those spammy newsletters and what not so their real inboxes don't get flooded.

Crazay2651d ago

Well that's just it right? Noone ACTUALLY uses Yahoo mail for anything of any real importance... same with Hotmail.

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