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Skyscraper sprinkler system seen as way to reduce China's air pollution

SCMP- The idea came to Yu Shaocai while he was watching a garden being watered: to curb air pollution, why not spray water into the atmosphere from sprinklers atop skyscrapers and towers?

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SJIND2657d ago

Attach sprinklers to towers , to take smog bath.

ZoyosJD2656d ago

Video games have already rendered this at a much higher fidelity...

Speed-Racer2657d ago

Hopefully it works. The smog is really bad to the point where you can't even see the sun.

coolbeans2656d ago

Not just limited to that aspect, Racer, there's a smogasbord of other problems that come with China's current air pollution.

Crazay2654d ago

I have some friends who have been there and echo what you say Racer.

Gondee2655d ago

Lets just waste millions of gallons fresh water!

Gondee2655d ago

Whats up Racer-X!

God forbid they actually fix the pollution problem at its source. Theres plenty of solutions that require no patches, ie. regulate pollution. Eventually they will have to take the people who make up their country seriously.

Speed-Racer2655d ago

Well I was actually thinking about that earlier today but I think the reason China's heads are so ignorant to the situation is because targeting the source means spending money to fix stuff when their mission is to become the world's #1 super power. It may be mean killing a few thousand people in the process and killing their atmosphere but heck! at least they;re on top. I think with officials foolishly saying they should improve cameras rather than trying to clear smog, it indicates how myopic their view is to getting to the top.