Magnector: A Magnetic Case to SuperCharge your Mobile Phone @GamerFitnation

GamerFitnation: Magnector is a magnetic case designed specifically for your mobile phones. It was on display at CES 2014, and we have the latest information for you. GamerFitNation was able to interview Karen Kang, VP of Business Development for Accessory Geeks, the exclusive North American distributor of Magnector products, and she drops the goodies on this innovative device. Read below to learn more and enjoy!

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Redinfamy3074d ago

I need this in my life because my batt just leaks. Interesting product.

Cat3073d ago

I was confused by this story, and I think maybe you thought the same thing I did - that we could charge the case and have charge on the go. But it looks like it's just a case that you plug it's a case...and then you charge your phone.

Am I missing something??

Redinfamy3073d ago

Instead of a plug it has a magnectic charging port, similar to other magnectic mats but in this case, it is a case with the magnectic port. I that clears any confusion.

Cat3073d ago

That's what I got from it after reading, but I just don't see the benefit/substantial improvement. I just thought it was something else at first glance...

GentlemenRUs3074d ago

It's a great way to ruin your phone.

Redinfamy3074d ago

Do you say that because of the magnet ?