A Console-breaking bug could destroy your PS4

Vyralize: Error CE-34878-0 could erase your game data, render games unplayable, or destroy your PS4 entirely, and we know almost nothing about it.

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RE_L_MAYER2465d ago

"sorry but ps4 is indestructible-thanks"

thorstein2465d ago

From the article: " destroy your PS4 entirely"...

Hi, reality here, Software cannot physically harm hardware. Stop watching bad sci fi. There will be no scene where the protagonist shouts, "It's gonna blow!" and jumps away from a computer that explodes.

You are full of BS. just stop it.

Dasteru2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Tell that to display drivers that have caused video cards to fry.

Atleast learn the basics of computer hardware, and software, before you start trying to tell others about "reality". Yes, software can, and quite often does, cause damage to hardware.

thorstein2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

"at least learn the basics..."

There is some advice for yourself.

"Display drivers that have caused video cards to fry." You claim software "fries the video card." Then claim I need to learn the basics.

Software does not damage hardware. If there is a faulty driver and the safeguards fail, the subsequent rise in temperature due to the work of the graphics processors result in "fried" hardware. It is the result of the software failure, but it is not the software itself.

But that isn't even relevent since you completely ignored the context in which the statement was made: "DESTROY YOUR PS4 ENTIRELY."

Do you have some knowledge that the entire computing world would like to know about (especially SONY) since this software you are talking about can ENTIRELY DESTROY HARDWARE? Write your PhD Thesis on it. It would be incredible to see code actually change the structure of a piece of hardware.

You may even win a Nobel.

Cueil2465d ago

you can do all kind of fun stuff if you can get root access to a unix based machine like the PS4

UltraNova2465d ago

Since y'all is experts around herez please explain to me..isnt a computer virus (aka software)able to fry a pc?

Dasteru2465d ago


It is still a direct result of the way the software is coded, so technically, software can damage hardware. If you lack the common sense to understand something so basic, then it is pointless for me to continue trying to explain it to you.

thorstein2464d ago


No. People who claim a virus "fried their PC" usually mean that the virus has rendered the software inoperable. There have been viruses that have targeted the BIOS, but they don't often happen as viruses are usually designed to get your computer to operate in a way that can benefit the author of the virus.

What Dasteru and I are on about is really semantics. Technically speaking, code cannot physically change hardware. What Dast is saying is that "it does because it is faulty and the result is damaged hardware."

What I am saying is exactly what I told you, software cannot physically damage or change hardware.

The actual damage that occurs, occurs when the hardware (in the case of "frying") heats up and damages the physical hardware. The Xbox Red Ring of Death was an example of "fried" hardware because the hardware was faulty to begin with.

Hope that helps.

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ShadowKingx2465d ago

there is really no reason to be worried right now about bugs breaking ps4's. why?

1. PS4's are still under warranty, so if anything does happen your covered for now
2. my recommendation for any new launch console is to go ahead and pay the extra money for additional warranty, the key to this do on the last day possible for you to purchase, i think there is time frame you can purchase it, most are within the year of manufacturer warranty. Note: the one on PSN, not in retail store, those usually start the same day of purchase.

3. It also recommended that you take advantage of backing up your save files, so if something does happen you can get your saves back.

While it sucks to have a console break on you, at least your covered so you dont have to wait and pay another $399 for one.

So something i would not really worry about right now to be honest.

hkgamer2465d ago

be worried.... ps4 stock is low, not sure when you will get your ps4 back

Cha0tik2465d ago

Doesn't matter if stock is low if your sending it directly to Sony for a replacement.

dboyman2465d ago

Bought the Sony Extended warranty first day I got my ps4...Better safe than sorry...

Spiewie 2465d ago

Better off staying with the PS3 I think wait for the later PS4 version.

Pillsbury12465d ago

Your loss, I am having so much fun playing don't starve.

Spiewie 2465d ago

Meh I don't have too much free time anyway so buying it would be throwing away money....

XtraTrstrL2465d ago

That's not really a good sell for the system, lol, an indie game that's been out on PC already. I kind of regret getting my PS4 so early, with so many features missing, and alot not working properly. A main annoyance is that I can't use it as a media server like my PS3 and stream from my PC. Alot of these things it seems they did to strengthen their Music and Video Unlimited services, which is kind of shady, especially when we now must pay to play retail games online.

Nothing against PS+, I own it and feel it's a great value, but I hate when people say you get games free. You aren't getting anything free, PS+ is a paid service that lets you download and keep games while you remain with the service. You aren't getting anything free. That being said, it is still worth it to stay with PS+. I don't like how they are BSing about the mp3 playback and media server though. It's obviously not because they couldn't focus time on it, because they took time to not allow music cd playback to begin with, so they were being counter productive toward that function from the start. Just be honest Sony, say you did it to promote your paid services to the fullest, and that's why you are being so quiet about when it'll be patched back in, you want to get as many people with Music and Video Unlimited before you add the function. Then we probably still won't be able to listen to our own music while playing games unless we use Music Unlimited, and they'll say some nonsense about why it can't work.

I like everything Sony is doing with courting new devs and working with indies and all that good stuff, Mark Cerny being in charge of the hardware development was genius and the higher ups allowing that to happen was amazing. That's not something that usually happens when you have the big money men on top, it seems very unusual.

They just need to continue with the Utopia vision they painted for us, and stop with this muddy circle in the middle with all the ridiculous stuff missing(media server, mp3 playback, Youtube app and uploading). Fix the share function with saving videos properly. Get the patches out faster, the OS is still basically a beta at work.

coolbeans2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I'm with you there. I have a pretty big backlog from 360/PS3/Wii/etc. to get through already.

jerethdagryphon2465d ago

i have to disagree, software interacts with hardware clockspeeds voltage and others, in consoles as a closed system its less likly but a virus designed to spin a drive to full speed and then lower read head and keep it here cold cause severe damage to hard drives, a virus designed t alter clock speeds can cause burnout of cpus

it can be done unlikely in consoles but it is posible

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