750k spam emails sent via hacked TVs, refrigerators, and routers

Vyralize: As our televisions, appliances, routers, and other devices take on smarter hardware and software, hackers are now targeting these seemingly harmless devices to send out mass amounts of spam.

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cheetorb2472d ago

Just another reason to stay "disconnected"

Soldierone2472d ago

Kinda stupid we can't have anything without dumbarse hackers ruining it.

At the same time, companies are at fault for putting security second. They rather rush out the "latest" device first than to care.

Spiewie 2472d ago

Fear the refrigerator xD this is ridiculous.

GentlemenRUs2471d ago

Some countries should have their internet stripped or blocked from the outside world... Make it all internal.

Gondee2471d ago

750k is nothing FYI. 144billion emails are sent on the daily, of which 14% are "important".

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