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I foresee the future, 4K Streaming to Kill Blu Ray.

The Man Cave Cinema writes; With absolutely no mention of 4K and BluRay in the same breath at this years CES 2014, this could open the doors wide open for streaming to take over for content delivery.

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admiralvic2668d ago

There just isn't enough money in streaming for it to kill Blu Ray.

iliimaster2668d ago

with all this talk about being able to pass the cost of heavy internet users on the content providers or the users themselves in some kind of tier plan, this will never take off digital downloads xbox live, psn all take hits

blacktiger2668d ago

You're joking right?! I have enough speed to stream. But my cable is against Net Neutrality. So no, Bluray is here to stay!

kingPoS2667d ago

When you have certain parties actively dissolving net neutrality, having 4k streaming right now might well be as good a Bugatti Veyron with greased tires. As much I want Netflix to succeed, I worry the ISP cabals will do what they can to rob them of traction.