Ranking The Best Smartphones Of 2014

ThatNaijaBlog - 2013 was an amazing year for manufacturers, developers and consumers. So much innovation and jaw-breaking features made our smartphones even more intelligent. And we have already seen from the CES 2014 held in Las Vagas that the mobile industry isn’t taking a break anytime soon.

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gizmig3612d ago

I will still prefer to buy iPhone if given choice of all smartphones.

proudly_X3612d ago

That's why it's the best on the list. The iPhone has always been a beast.

gizmig3612d ago

Surely it is. I do personally using iPhone 5.

gunnerforlife3612d ago

Dude get a note 3 if you have above average hands!! I promise you, you will never touch and iPhone again!! It is a beauty!!

Speed-Racer3611d ago

Isn't this list supposed to be best of 2013? not 2014?

mikeslemonade3611d ago

Same mindset for people who drive bimmer and wear jewlery. It's about the look and the style of phone, which right now iPhone still has it by far.

abzdine3611d ago

Sony xperia Z1 or Compact trounces them all without exception.
Sony went far in developing phones!

TechNews3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

You know nothing about phones if you believe the Iphone 5 is a beast lol.. Greedy ass company with noting new and innovative for years now.. Samsung is where it's been at..Apple and Microsoft are dying a slow death//

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joel_c173611d ago

Personally im just a little bored of the iphones :P - ive had 2 now, the 3g and the 4S and im looking forward to a change when my 4s dies. Im thinking the Xperia z - that phone looks sexy.

SaffronCurse3611d ago

Xperia phones are pretty solid, you won't be disappointed

GuyThatPlaysGames3611d ago

@gizmig I agree with you. I've had iphones since the original came out. I was wanting to maybe branch out and try a new phone. I had been wanting an S4 but after messing around with my dad's S4 for a while, I really wasn't that impressed or nothing was really there to convince me to change over. My friend has a Note 3 and it's just too damn big to carry around. So I'm still sticking to Apple. Bring on the disagrees!!

coolbeans3612d ago

A nice list for me to look over since I need to buy a new phone (big upgrade from my simple flippy phone too).

proudly_X3611d ago

sure buddy.. I wonder what you will go for? :D

coolbeans3611d ago

The iPhone5S looks like my number one choice. Popular choice, sure, but my experience with family member's iPhones was pretty good. I guess I'm fluent in how the UI and stuff already work.

pandehz3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best smartphone in the world.

And thats from me after experiencing the world of every other big brand.

Lumia 1020 camera is unbeatable and the OS is buttery smooth with a very accelerated growth of apps in 2013. Its just the right size, bigger than the iphone smaller than Nexus and note etc. Also the scrren is super sensitive, can be used with gloves on/even finger nails and stuff etc. Also daylight reading under the sun which is epic. Iphone goes blind in the sun lol. Win 8 interface is just brill with the tiles n such. Also with the amazing cam I now dont worry about carrying another cam in my pocket for those fantastic candid shots while travelling etc.

Windows 8 OS has touched 200k apps really quickly and has almost all the important apps, some xclusives and more. Pure fab

I dont use any other phone anymore.

Whats funny is once upon a time someone asked Siri on iPhone 'whats the best phone in the world' Siri said lumia 920 lmfao. I bet if Apple hadnt fixed Siri, it would say Lumia 1020 today.

proudly_X3611d ago

The Lumia has got to be there.. Nokia Windows phones are simply underrated, I guess the world would soon start realizing how great those phones are.

mcstorm3611d ago

Good to see a Lumina device on there. I have a 925 and for me its one of the best phones I've ever used and the camera is amazing on it.

But I now think that all smart phones are about the same now a days as they do more or less the same things and all work fast ect. I think anyone who got any of theses phones on this list will be happy with the phone they picked.

TheKayle13611d ago

lool sony xperia better than the s4? iphone 5 first of the list...ok ...wtf

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donwel2706d ago

Very easy to steal too from the looks of it.
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Devil-X2708d ago

Lumia 1020 was definitely the biggest shocker of all. I still remember how I thought it would do great in the markets when it was first announced.


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