CES 2014: Razer’s Project Christine: a Real Gaming PC Built for the Hardcore

GamerFitNation: "Razer recently revealed to the public a brand new project—Project Christine, to be exact. While at CES 2014, GamerFitNation spoke with Jermain Davis of Razer to talk about the new revolutionary high performance PC. This new concept allows PC gamers to change GPU, CPU, and more on the fly."

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Tzuno2480d ago

hardcore? more like mindless people that are willing to spend 100$ more for that extra 100mhz. :)

Gondee2480d ago

There is nothing wrong with paying extra for the cutting edge... These people pay for the development of future and next generation tech...

_LarZen_2479d ago

I like building PC's etc, but that is just damn cool. I hope it becomes a retail product. If so I would seriously consider it the next time I want to get a new rig.

Are_The_MaDNess2479d ago

love building rigs myself.
but this just makes it so much simpler, less upkeep with dust and such.
remove parts and swap them around while still having the watercooling system unchanged.

think im going to invest in one of these sooner or later.