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Samsung Galaxy S5 patent reveals new gesture controls

Gadgetgyaan: Samsung has already been focusing on the software front and most of us have seen that with the Samsung Galaxy S4, but, this time the Korean Giant is trying to take it into the next level. New patent being approved reveals Samsung’s upcoming S5 plans and details in which we can see that eye would be the main part.

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93d2673d ago

whatever it is samsung mostly brings features that are hardly used for daily life purposes

Speed-Racer2673d ago

That's why you should stick with the Nexus line. Pure experience without the frills we never use.

GentlemenRUs2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Typical isn't it... I upgrade to a S4 yesterday to find out that the S5 is just around the corner.

I hate my life...

Zachmo1822673d ago

Samsung releases a new Galaxy S series every year. But if you do want the latest and greatest. Its not to late yet. You can return your phone and get your upgrade reversed within 14 days of original purchase.

jairusmonillas2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

im using S4 since june last year and i never bothered using any of their gesture controls. I find those features to drain my battery faster and swiping is much better than those alternative gesture controls <_<

93d2673d ago

you are very correct......battery is quite an issue