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CES 2014: ThinkPad 8 Tablet – Light and Fit for Mobile Gamers

Gamer fitnation: During Pepcom at CES 2014 Gamer Fitnation’s Gregory Laporte had chance to get a hand on with one of the lightest 8-inch tablets out on the market. In the interview demonstration, Sophie, from Lenovo specifies its specs and why gamers would want to make Lenovo ThinkPad 8 their choice for gaming.

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SilentNegotiator2648d ago

I'd rather game on a handheld, much more powerful but less expensive laptop, or desktop hooked up to a car battery.

ABizzel12647d ago

Gaming tablets aren't going to offer the price : performance anyone wants from them, for the next few years.

You can get good enough power now, but the cost and heat output would ruin any chance of success. Not to get on the Tegra 5 hype train, but it's the best bet at getting a powerful enough gaming Tablet that shouldn't break the bank ($299 - $399), has low heat output, and offers solid performance for mobile games, as well as light weight Steam games at 720p with no problem.