5 Tech Products That Will Be Dead in 5 Years

Time- With the speed of innovation in the tech industry, we can’t know every piece of technology that will fill our everyday lives in five years, but we can predict what won’t last. As smartphones begin to render low-end cameras obsolete and Netflix continues to upend the DVD and Blu-ray market, it’s clear the technology landscape will look dramatically different in the near future.

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gizmig2692d ago

I still remember when we used dial up connection for using internet services. But it's time to say good bye to it.

caseh2689d ago

Believe it or not, dial-up is still relevant and not completely redundant.

I use it (work purposes) to remotely access routers when there are problems with the ADSL circuit the router is primarily connected to. :)

Tzuno2692d ago

that with car keys will make car thief's more happy

ABizzel12692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I agree with DVDs demise, (Blu-Ray has gaming consoles to keep it alive for the next 5 - 10 years) but it's definitely not because of Netflix. Netflix is a solid service, but it lacks a full range of content needed to be a sole video solution. DVD and Blu Ray sales are still good, and while a push for Digital will be coming from companies, it's not going to kill them off. DVD is going to die simply because it's storage size is no longer viable for the medium. 4k content will be too large for a DVD, and compressing the image is counterproductive, so it's days are numbered. Blu Ray is going to live and thrive somewhat because of this, as long as they can drop the prices of disc, and players to DVD levels in the coming year(s). The death of disc based media comes when internet Bandwidth is fast enough to stream instantly and "DOWNLOAD" HD content in mere minutes (5GB file in less than 5 minutes aka 100/50 Mbps standard), and HDD sizes increase and price decreases (below $0.05 per GB).

GPS is done. Smart Phones have taken over.

Dial-Up. I though this was already dead.

Digital Camera. Again Smart Phones have taken over, only SLR's and such have any viability for novice.

Car Keys. I guess, it's not a make or break. Keyless entry, remote start, etc... are decent features for your car, but not deal breakers for most. A phase out of normal keys would go unnoticed by most.

awiseman2691d ago

Single blu rays cannot hold long 4k videos. They are already getting capped with long 1080p movies. Most trilogy sets already contain over 10 disks in them.

SniperControl2691d ago

That's why they are moving to duel layer BD's, which can hold 100GB of data, typical 1080p movie is around 25 - 30Gb, 4K is around 80 - 100Gb mark.

ChrisW2689d ago

I use neither DVD nor BluRay. I don't even buy CDs anymore.

Everything (music, movies, and games) has been digital for me for 3 or 4 years.

Back when I started going only digital, people thought I was odd. Now it's becoming a norm.

SilentNegotiator2691d ago

LOL, streaming replacing Discs.
They could but they won't. I will never try to rely on streaming services to keep contracts for shows and movies that I like and neither will the movie/TV producers.

GPS units aren't going anywhere. Concentration will shift to companies rather than consumers, but they aren't going anywhere.

toddybad2691d ago

Streaming will definitely kill off discs. It's not even a question simply a when.
Same with GPS - a simpler, cheaper and faster alternative exists and the market is already going to that.

Raccoon2691d ago

thats correct its all only a matter of time... large corporations are moving forward with it and it also sucks that streaming services cant keep contracts, take netflix for example.

Speed-Racer2691d ago

Until Internet speeds and copyright legislation is standardized globally, it still won't be a hit outside the US and some parts of Europe.

steven83r2691d ago

It can never fully kill of discs. Imagine wanting to watch a movie and your connection goes out. So much for streaming. Also Netflix sucks at having up to date movies and shows. And there still needs to be some sort of sense of security if you have an online account with all your purchases and it gets hacked and wiped clean from servers. Will Itunes, Netflix and other streaming services have hard copy accounts of purchases of customers or are you SOL.

SilentNegotiator2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

You guys don't get it; it has NOTHING to do with the abilities/limitations of Streaming.

Producing companies will always want discs as an option.
1) Without discs, they have less leverage involving "early access" on streaming services.
2) Discs allow them to make profit even when they don't have any contracts with services.
3) Popular, high-budget, and recent TV shows will still release on disc and not always on streaming services because streaming services want exclusivity or to not pay very much, while customers will pay up to $40 a pop for a season. A year of later after that, streaming becomes a second source of income.

The industry doesn't want to do away with the disc and people have no problem with the disc. Who's going to decide that it's dead then?

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thorstein2691d ago

Exactly. They have been proclaiming DOOMZ AND GLOOMZ for Blu Ray since 2006. Here we are 8 years later.

mushroomwig2691d ago

There is no way dial up will be gone in just 5 years, too many people rely on it and AOL still makes a lot of money each year from the service.

Of course, this article seems to be focused completely on America like it's the only country in the world.

Raccoon2691d ago

other countries exist? lies...

shuuwai2691d ago

Nay, Nay... American #1.

DVD are cheaper, why you see most pc video games are on multi DVD instead of 1 Blu-ray.

This will only happen if...

A. Cable ISP are dirty cheap, no band cap.
B. upload cap is lifted.
C. The internet is govern by all nation and they are united.
D. North Korea loves everyone. /s

awiseman2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

How dare they focus on the United States* how dare they!!!!

If they were focused in the UK they would focused on UK markets...same of the kids on these newsboiler sites are so unintelligent sometimes....

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