Meet Samsung's 12.2-inch Tablet

Gadgetgyaan: For the couple of weeks, we are hearing that Apple and Samsung are going to bring large tablets and along with that they are going to have high resolution displays as well. On a Korean forum, the gigantic Tablet was surfacing and not only just that there are a lot of info regarding the specs and features of the tablet that are mentioned.

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Spiewie 2665d ago

That's way too big it's just going to be uncomfortable and harmful for the eyes.

Gadgetgyaan2664d ago

Yeah, it would be difficult to carry it around but people will like if this turns into a tablet cum laptop

Genki2664d ago

It's about time; I've been waiting for a 12 inch tablet before I pull the trigger. 14 would be ideal, but 12 is the bare minimum for me.