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Tim Cook tells employees Apple has ‘big plans’ for 2014 that ‘customers are going to love’

9to5Mac: "This morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a lengthy memo to employees as a reflection of the soon-ending 2013 and the upcoming year of 2014, according to multiple sources. In the letter, Tim Cook discusses people experiencing Apple products this holiday season"

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KingPin2666d ago

so basically it will be another lawsuit against an android device manufacturer in the USA which will get their devices banned.

we all know that Apple users love that.

Apples innovation went with Jobs.

Revvin2666d ago

Unless Apple do something really innovative with their hardware or software then I'll be changing to an Android device. The trouble with Apple is hype, if another company said they had big plans that customers would love you'd expect something big but Apple would hype a new range of colours for their new plastic cased handsets as being 'big'. For me iOS 7 was a big disappointment, there was no answer to Androids widgets or Windows live tiles, it felt like no more than a new skin but to hear them talk about it, well it was like an electronic messiah coming, quite frankly I'm sick of seeing Jonny Ive with his tilted head and hushed tones telling us how once again this changes everything.