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Yes, this is dog: No More Woof aims to translate canine thoughts into human speech

Engadget- Head over to Indiegogo today and you'll find a particularly wacky (and risky) project bidding for your investment. It's a device that goes by the name of No More Woof, which admittedly sounds like it does horrible things to dogs' vocal cords, but which actually promises something very different.

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Saladin4162697d ago

Simpsons did it! :P (wells with babies)

Spiewie 2697d ago

Well this sounds crazy. But pretty damn cool as long as the dogs find wearing this thing comfortable...

thebudgetgamer2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

This is what you would get.

Human: Want to go to the park?

Dog: The park is the best thing ever

Human: Want to sit around and chill?

Dog: Sitting around chilling is the best thing ever

Human: Want a belly rub?

Dog: Belly rubs is the best thing ever.

Ect ect.