AT&T develops system to ban illegal file sharers

Vyralize: To further crack down on piracy, AT&T has developed a new system that detects which of its Internet users are file sharers and can classify them into different “risk” categories. Those who are deemed to illegally sharing content could have their access to file sharing sites completely blocked.

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SilentNegotiator2697d ago

THIS JUST IN! File sharers develop system to circumvent AT&T; Getting a new provider!!

awiseman2697d ago

Sadly ATT also knows how to interfere with the freedom of choice as well. They are monopolizing a number markets by buying the lines themselves. This keeps competitors out and allows them the freedom to do whatever they want.

fr0sty2697d ago

There's only a few providers that own the lines, and eventually all of them will jump on board. They did it with bandwidth caps too.

joeymp2697d ago

exactly, in my area the only internet is AT&T DSL or satelite internet.

GentlemenRUs2697d ago

Good thing I don't live in Murica.

a_squirrel2697d ago

I like how someone disagreed with you, as if they like this sort of thing.

Speed-Racer2697d ago

Most likely it's cause of the Murica part.

awiseman2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I disagreed for his choice of words.

Also he isn't American so he would not know but these big corporation are about as anti-American you can imagine behind the scenes.