Could Pacific Rim's Jaegers Exist in the Real World?


Dave Everett has been building robots for over 40 years. We catch up and ask him: is the technology of Pacific Rim even plausible?

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gizmig2710d ago

I think it is just a futuristic concept. But must say as far as movie is concern it is a superb movie with all its 3D effects.

Crazay2710d ago

I liked the movie too.

Spiewie 2709d ago

I watched the movie today it was pretty awesome in my opinion. Would be crazy to see a robot like that walking around.

gizmig2709d ago

Yes the concept of the movie is really good and watching it in 3D is something that makes the experience more good.

Spiewie 2709d ago

Damn it I didn't get to see it in 3D... Too late now though.

Nocando2709d ago

Cool, but I wonder when websites will realize we don't always have the time/patience to watch a video?