9 Things You Would Immediately Fail Without Your Smartphone

Mashable: "Imagine waking up one morning and noticing your smartphone is missing. Really missing, not just buried under your blankets or abandoned in a coat pocket. Now imagine that happened to every single smartphone user."

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gizmig2500d ago

Smartphones has become a part of our life. Many of our day to day needs now depends on them.

dilawer2500d ago

a very prominent part of our daily life and activities.

KingPin2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

what rubbish is this?

Find Our Way Home - Really? you guys don't know where north is without a compass?

Have Any Idea of What We Look Like - they invented something to help with this....its called a mirror.

Remember Phone Numbers Besides Our Own and 911 - so now people are too lazy to memorize phone numbers? i know most of my friends/family numbers in my head. if you one of these that cant remember numbers, you just lazy to be honest.

Check the Weather Outside - erm how about...i don't know...say looking out the window? or better, TRY GOING OUTSIDE!!!

Calculate the Tip at a Restaurant - coz working out 15% is too hard. what? do people fail at maths too nowadays.

Wake Up - alarm clock anyone?

Fill Silences in Conversation - lol so pulling out your phone and pretending to text now is socially acceptable?

How to Spell Most Words - i feel so sorry for people of today. there is an ancient book that contains words, people might of heard of it, its called a dictionary. check it out, you'll be surprised.

Remember Things - so making a note of things with a pen and paper is too hard to do that you NEED a cellphone for that. WOW!!

guess the F-Ups song was right...we are the lazy generation.

dilawer2499d ago

Doing all of these things with just a smartphone is not Lazy! it's smart.

KingPin2499d ago

way to miss the point there buddy.

the title is
9 Things You Would Immediately Fail Without Your Smartphone.

im sorry but if i lost my cellphone today, i just proved i wouldnt fail at these 9 things. nor do i think half the population would either. unless ofcoz people are addicted to their phones in which case they have issues.

dilawer2499d ago


Yes, you will fail at some of these things if not all of them. Nobody carries a pocket mirror, Map, Calculator, etc nowadays so Yes, you will fail at these unless you're already prepared.
Also, I don't think everybody has the same level of genius as you to remember many phone numbers, why would I remember numbers if a smartphone can do it for me, if it goes missing one morning I'll fail at that too.

admiralvic2499d ago

"Yes, you will fail at some of these things if not all of them. Nobody carries a pocket mirror, Map, Calculator, etc nowadays so Yes, you will fail at these unless you're already prepared. "

You're assuming people are too stupid to do very simple things.

Mirror? My car has several, I could just use one of those. Almost, if not all public bathrooms have a mirror in them. If you needed to use a mirror, you could easily figure out a solution if need be.

Map? Unless you're somewhere you've never been before, you shouldn't need directions to your house. If you're going to a place that you've never been before, you could easily buy a map or ask for directions.

Calculator? Figuring out 15% is actually pretty easy. Lets say your bill is 56.49. You could just round that down to $56 even or up to $57 and then figure out 10%, which is obviously $5.60 or $5.70. Divide that by half to make $2.80 or $2.85 and then finally add the sums together to make $8.40 or $8.55. This isn't far off the actual total, which is 8.4735. So you would either be 7.357 cents short or over by almost 8 cents, which means absolutely nothing to anyone. If you don't want to be "rude", you could always round up so you know they're always making at least (obviously over) 15% per transaction.

The same can be said about a lot of these things. You don't actually need your smartphone to do a lot of these things, but you could easily do them, if you absolutely had to, without the need of a smart phone. Just relies on how resourceful you're.