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Haswell-E Revealed - First Desktop Processor To Support DDR4

HardwarePal : Today images showing Intel’s high end desktop CPU (HEDT) have leaked on the Chinese site Vr-Zone showing the new Haswell-E 8-core CPU and its specifications.

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ktorc2700d ago

Yes!.. will be my next update.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2700d ago

ps4 is better..

just wanted to sound like a noob.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

man the world is lacking sense of humor.
Ok I sound like an idiot. So what? not trying yo look good on the web. Just joking..

ProjectVulcan2700d ago

8 core consumer intel CPU at last. WINNING!

adorie2700d ago

Hopefully with consoles using 8 cores, this along with that could mean multi-core processors finally get used the way they were meant to be used; to the best of their ability!

Tzuno2700d ago

And i am not impressed at all. people pay too much for these components and the performance is minimal from last gen.

Sy_Wolf2700d ago

Right, because the only people who will buy this are the ones who bought a 4960X.

thezeldadoth2700d ago

lol you sound like such a consumer douche. "eeh..not impressed..nothing is good enough for my amazingly high standards"

go make one yourself then and quit crying

Cernunnos2700d ago

Well, it is a known fact that Intel are holding back on purpose due to the lack of competition, just to maximize profit. They could easily sell much higher end cpus then this, if there was actually some competition around.

Agent_hitman2700d ago

Is the Haswell-E a core i7 or Xeon?.. Anyhow that's a good news for PC enthusiast, an 8 core intel cpu at last.

Cernunnos2699d ago

Xeons are already at 12 cores, this will be an i7.