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iPhone cookie prankster jailed and you won’t believe for what

Vyralize: By now you must have seen the images below. They were initially posted by comedian Randy Liedtke on his Twitter and Instagram on December 8th, and ended up at on top of various social networks like Reddit and 9GAG. You gotta admit the idea is pretty funny, and I’m sure many of you wanted to try it as well.

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hesido2676d ago

That idiot (he acknowledges this himself) is actually breaking the law tweeting on the phone while driving, so he IS actually being pulled over for the correct reasons, after which he's "switching" the phone with the cookie one, trying to hide his guilt. He should have let a friend record it if he was a little smarter.

Tsuru2676d ago

He's not "Switching" anything. He drove by the cop using the phone cookie. The only time he used his phone was during tweets and even then he didnt use it again till AFTER he was pulled over.

Downtown boogey2676d ago


Sound like he's tweeting while the cop could see it.

konnerbllb2676d ago

Did you miss the part where he almost ran a red light because he was tweeting while driving?

Tsuru2673d ago

No i didnt miss that. But the cop didnt pull him over because of that reason. Hesido states, "breaking the law tweeting on the phone while driving, so he IS actually being pulled over for the correct reasons". He wasnt tweeting when the cop pulled him over, it wasnt till AFTER he was pulled over that he tweeted, not during.

2pacalypsenow2676d ago

I hate the social media age....

2pacalypsenow2675d ago is not social media ......

fr0sty2675d ago

It's a social media site with a news aggregate duct-taped to it. It has a forum, user profiles, blogs, comments, a user rating system, there is all kinds of social media integration.

KONAAs2676d ago

fucken idiot, wasting cops time when they can focuse on other things hes wasting our tax payer money, pranking a cop should be the same as calling 911 and prankin them

dennett3162675d ago

Just came to post the same sentiment....wasting police time should be enough to charge this moron with.
"Ohhh, I'm a comedian and SOOOOO funny...let's screw with the police for the jollies".

Kurylo3d2676d ago

Im sick of these laws. I for one can drive and talk no problem. There nothing but another way for cops to meet their budget quota.

Speed-Racer2676d ago

:/ Just because you can do it does not mean everyone can. I know someone who was seriously injured because the other driver was on their phone not paying attention.

SilentNegotiator2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

But, but...I can drive just fine drunk! What a stupid law!

Kurylo3d2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

When your drunk you cant decide to be able to stop the room from spinning.

When your on the phone you can decide to pay attention.

its like people who wanted alcohol to be illegal... because some people drink and drive... or because some people become addicted.

I don't think laws should be written to inconvenience everyone just because a special few are dumbasses.

KingPin2676d ago

you sir are an idiot.

you may think you can drive and talk no problem, but how often do you look at your mirrors, speedometer, etc and to whats happening around you? you may not notice it but it is much less when you lost in your convo. just coz you get from A to B doesnt mean you capable to do it everytime you behind the wheel.

oh yeah, and what if you on your phone, and someone else skips a robot and crashes into you while he is on his phone too. you end up paralyzed or have a limb amputated or worse, and he walks away fine. will you blame your bad luck or the idiot talking on his phone not concentrating on the road?

Kurylo3d2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

You are wrong. you don't know me. I pay perfect attention to the road, mirrors.. everything. I am a very careful and defensive driver. Even on the phone. Because I recognize the road comes first before the conversation.

And to answer the question ill blame the persons stupidity for not paying attention. not his phone.

Your rational is like saying don't listen to the radio because your attention might be diverted. Your a dumbass. Don't use your gps either...hypocrite.

If your the one who wants laws written for you because of other peoples mistakes... then your the idiot. Mistakes that wouldn't be made by you. Or should I say, by me.. and would be made by you.. cause your the idiot.

Seriosuly.. go ahead and make gps illegal too, because its the same kind of attention grabber as a phone call.

dennett3162675d ago

Congrats on being a moron. You WILL kill someone doing what you're's only a matter of time.
Besides, I wonder if your sentiment would be the same if a drunk driver or someone without insurance rear ended you. I mean, there's laws against those as well, and you're so sick of these laws....

skazwaz2675d ago

This is what everyone says. Science says, statistically, you are completely wrong.

Kurylo3d2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Show me this "Science" ... I want the data on me. Seriously I want this scientific experiment done on me. That shows that I specifically cant drive and hold a phone on my head at the same time. Its the same thing as the seatbelt law. Its a gimmick to get peoples money. I can drive without a seatbelt as well.. do I ? No because I think the seatbelt is safer if in the event an accident does happen. But should I be billed if I don't wear one? no.

skazwaz2674d ago

Because you so special right??

KONAAs2675d ago

one of my classmate was killed for trying to txt while driving, im shure u can drive while on the phone but i also bet u dont remember half of what was going on as u drove on the phone

Kurylo3d2674d ago

I wouldn't try to text while driving. Cant see the road if your busy paying attention to a screen.

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