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Hubble discovers water vapour ejections from Jupiter’s moon Europa

Vyralize: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has discovered ejections of water vapor at the southern end of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

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XboxFun2703d ago

Why are we even bothering with Mars?

Dark_king2703d ago

because if we can't handle Mars we cant handle going further.

XboxFun2703d ago

We can handle Mars there's no doubt about it. But all evidence points to Mars being a completely dead planet with a thin ozone with soil incapable of growing anything food wise.

A man mission to Mars in my opinion is irrelevant. Let's send resources and probes to a world that more than likely has water and might even have life.

Joe9132703d ago

@XboxFun The more places we can go the better understanding we will have about the whole universe we will never be able to go to mars they found out that humans would never make the trip home due to radiation Darpa and Nasa are working together to make a humanoid robot that will go to Mars and get things ready for humans.

blackblades2702d ago

I say build a huge dome, like in anime.

FamilyGuy2702d ago

Mars is closer
Mars is close enough to the sun to have once supported life
Mars has signs of once having river beds
Mars is easier and faster to investigate
Mars is an actual planet, as apposed to a moon

XboxFun2700d ago

Europa has better signs of life
Europa has water
Europa has an atmosphere closer to Earth's
Europa can sustain life just as well as any planet

Mars is dead
Mars has no water for those river beds
Mars has no ozone and is pummeled with radiation from the sun
Venus is close too, doesn't make it habitable though

kingjosh18762703d ago

I think people might go to Mars and set up facilities, but it would only be a one way trip.

Event_Horizon2702d ago

Why is it so surprising. This just confirms something that was already known.

Speed-Racer2702d ago

Having an icy surface is one thing but having water underneath is another, which brings a real potential of sustaining life on it.

cyntell2702d ago

Think of all those poor organisms being geysered out to their doom.

Event_Horizon2701d ago

Icy surface is actually a great insulator and indicates great possibility for liquid water to exist at a certain depth. Also Europa is know to have a heated core( due to the friction generated by the gravitational push and pull of its parent planet). So the heat from the core may cause the ice( at a certain depth) to melt.It also suggests the possibility of volcanic activity.

These facts were already known before the confirmation. But none the less it is great news.Who knows maybe someday, in the future mankind may find itself in an underwater city somewhere in Europa.

DiLeCtioN2702d ago

@ Cyntell: it will be the best ride ever

ironfist922702d ago