Leo The Homeless Coder Finished His App, And You Can Download It Right Now

Business Insider- Leo Grand considers himself lucky when the doorman at the luxury apartment building nearby lets him charge his Samsung Chromebook without issue.

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SJIND2677d ago

Being homeless is the perfect way to market your app.

gizmig2677d ago

Disagree! I don't think you need to be homeless to market your app.

SJIND2676d ago

I'm not saying you should be homeless to market your app. but it's a very good strategy to get attention.

Lord_Sloth2676d ago

As a fellow homeless man, I agree.

gizmig2676d ago

I think there can be a lot more better ideas to get attention rather than just being homeless. Anyways that's just my opinion.

Speed-Racer2676d ago

Always trying to keep down the poor people.

gizmig2676d ago

It is just my opinion and we are just talking about the strategy so as to market your app. Even a poor guy can make a lot better strategy than just being homeless.

And yes I do agree that being homeless works as an option to market his app.

Mr_cheese2675d ago

Nobody going to talk about the app itself then....?