Inside CERN's $10 Billion Collider


330 feet under Cessy, France (CNN) -- The biggest hazard for anyone lucky enough to see CMS, one of the major detector experiments deep underground at the Large Hadron Collider, is tripping.
"So watch where you step," physicist Joe Incandela said as we descended in an elevator 27 stories below the surface of the Earth.

Crazay3817d ago

Absolutely insane this complex. A true feat of human engineering.

buynit3817d ago

I agree I just wish we can spend that much money time and effort on things we can control a little better. We will not be significant enough to get anything really meaningful out of this universe experiment. We have so much to still learn about earth and our selves yet know one really invests into it like they do CERN..

And to be honest... That thing is extremely dangerous and scary, if I remember right I read something saying that when they collide it forms a tiny black hole or something...

Dark_king3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Nope no black hole those are created by extreme mass.Though some do believe it could make a quantum black hole,but particles collide in nature quite often.The earth get's hit with particles at similar speeds all the time.No worries everything will be alright.
An I would prefer them spend money on this then weapons.

buynit3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

What makes you think they wouldnt use the data and turn it into a weapon?

I would rather they spend that kind of money to help cure things like cancer, clean reusable energy, better homes, world hunger... Rather than weapons and cern my self..

I can understand the significance if it produces any but i dont think its going to save humanity with the way things are going so whats the point if we all die?

We dont fully understand our own bodies yet they want to spend billions to understand the universe... Seems ass backwards to me but i sure do hope they find something that truly impacts the human race in a positive way since whats done is done..

Thanks for the link, i remember reading up on tjis stuff but it was yrs ago.. I almost forgot all about it and you link brushed that up and dont get me wrong this can be a huge step forward in "understanding".. Im just not sure what it can potentialy do for us, what i am sure is that their will be more questions then answeres- now if you cure cancer.....

Fluke_Skywalker3817d ago

I would rather they invest money in proper space travel and exploration. Like in many sci fi movies it's about time we started looking for other planets to ruin as Earth is almost done.

Qrphe3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

We may be able to obtain ultimate knowledge that would enable us to do those things in the best of scenarios with this collider.

ironfist923817d ago

How long till we get a Particle Accelerator?


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