Amazon wants to shorten delivery times to 30 minutes or less with unmanned drones

Vyralize: It sounds like something you’d read on The Onion but Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is dead set on increasing the efficiency of its business by shortening delivery times with the help of unmanned drones.

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bigfish3824d ago

I bought something but the drone got shot down 20feet from the factory by some snipers camping..... right, next idea.....

ProjectVulcan3824d ago

Actually it was probably the guided missile destroyer I have patrolling my garden pond for exactly this sort of unmanned drone illegally entering my airspace.

I claim the salvage too, have on display in my personal 'war musuem'

Ahhhh...the spoils

Scrivlar3824d ago

Still waiting for my next day delivery that I ordered on Thursday so why don't they fucking sort that out first!!

5eriously3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Me looking at my dusty sniper rifle standing in corner with glee thinking... soon we will have some very profitable hunting action to master!

Lord_Sloth3824d ago

Came in here to point out that people will be doing this very thing and selling the drones for scrap parts. It's a good idea but not for this world.

Audiggity3824d ago

And now you have the NSA looking at you, while you look at your sniper rifle.

TwistingWords3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Would never happen, Amazon would have to employ FAA certificated pilots, that alone is enough to stop it dead in its tracks since somebody with a private pilots licence is not allowed to fly for compensation i.e. profit which means you would need somebody with a commercial licence or higher which means paying huge sums of money.

They would have to probably observe FAR 91 rules pertaining to minimum heights such as the 500ft minimum from the surface and atleast 1000ft above the tallest building within a densely populated city.

There is a guy called Trappy who got fined by the FAA for using basically a model aircraft and because he was getting paid the FAA are treating it like an unmanned drone rather than a foam model aircraft with a camera on to which it is.


Soldierone3823d ago

Yeah, government ruining great ideas, nothing new there. If it wasn't for them, we'd probably have more fuel efficient cars too.

krazykombatant3824d ago

It's called lobbying to change the law.

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