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PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Sharon Garwood asks - "Next-Gen Supremacy Battle"

GFN: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? GamerFitNation’s news host Sharon Garwood asks gamers that very question. The new wave of next generation consoles are almost upon us. With the launch of the PlayStation 4 later this week and the Xbox One later this month, Sharon is dying to know which system has your money?

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fredolopez2897d ago

I love how she puts it crystal clear and really leaves it up to the gamers to decide on what console they want!! For me it's gonna be the Xbox One!!

mcstorm2896d ago

Ya the same for me as it has the games I want at the moment and also offers me the services I use the most in my home and out of home life.

Crazay2896d ago

I'll have both of them

Lord_Sloth2896d ago


I'll just be facing mine towards the wall. XXXD

DARK WITNESS2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

PS4 for me.

After being with xbox for two generations and being a massive supporter, I have not been as impressed with what xbone is offering compared to the ps4.

The one thing that always put me off ps in the past was the controller. While the new DS4 is not totally perfect for me, it is a massive improvement over the ds3 and I think I could get use to it now.

i am not quite sure what she means by the xbox controller being wider? maybe on paper it is, but size wise, it feels the same if not smaller then the old 360 pad(not by much though).

iWishTifaWasReal2896d ago

Who the hell is Sharon Garwood?

Tzuno2896d ago

some puppet they use to advertise.

cell9892896d ago

right? like her opinion will sway me lol

anyway, she forgot to mention remote play on PS4 and the TV features on xbone