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Dell's UltraSharp UP3214Q Monitor Brings Ultra HD Sex Appeal to the Display Market

Maximum PC: It doesn't matter if the chicken or egg came first, we have tasty recipes for both. Likewise, it doesn't matter if Ultra HD monitors or 4K video becomes commonplace first, just so long as both get here, and in short order. So far, it looks like hardware might be winning out. We're seeing more and more Ultra HD panels come to market, including Dell's new UltraSharp 32 PremierColor (UP3214Q) display.

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newsguy3159d ago

still too rich for my blood!

MajorGecko3158d ago

does it smell like cat pee or do I have to pay extra for that?

Software_Lover3158d ago

Extra for cat.

But you do get Monkey Dung aroma for free.

ATi_Elite3158d ago

$5,400 LMAO You can get a 60" Sony Bravia 4K TV for that much which I plan to do.

johny53157d ago

60"? Hell you can get a 70" Sharp 4k tv for less!

Pandamobile3157d ago

$5000 in 2013. Probably $800 in 2016. Can't wait for these things to plummet in price.