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10 Best Galaxy Nexus Cases for Extended Battery Life

Nerdsmagazine- Whether you need a extended battery life, tough protection, Or you want to pimp up the look of your device, You will get all type of cases that fit your requirement and your Galaxy Nexus. And to make this list helpful, I have crawled all over the web and shortlisted some best cases from the top case makers.

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Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for the Nintendo Switch review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "There’s no doubt about it. The Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag is a very nice carrying case. However, it’s the most expensive one we’ve reviewed, hands down. The asking price is $99 shipped. That’s half the price of the Switch lite! For comparison, the PDP Pokemon Commuter case is just as roomy, and a third of the price. Though it’s not as versatile in size, not as professional looking, and it lacks the theater mode. As of this review, the Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag is available in two colors: black and white."

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Owing to the rise in COVID-19 cases, Apple postpones return to office plans

As per the recent reports, Apple has allegedly offered its workers the option to shift to a work-from-home due to the USA's sudden surge in COVID-19 cases.

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Amazon Slashes Up To 28% Off On Several AeroCool & Cooler Master Mid Tower Cases

Daily Video Game writes: "If you're building a new desktop, there are several mid tower cases from AeroCool and Cooler Master on sale with up to 28% off at Amazon right now!"

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