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Apple Sucker Punches Microsoft: Mac OS X Mavericks and Other Software Now Free

HotHardware: To anyone who took the day off yesterday and/or crawled out from under that cozy rock that's kept you isolated from the Internet, welcome back to the online world. You didn't miss a whole lot. Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro became available in 21 markets, and Nokia launched its first Windows tablet. Oh, and Apple rebooted its iPad family, though not before turning technology writers on their collective heads and spinning them dizzy by announcing it would not charge a dime for Mac OS X Mavericks for Macs or for iWorks for the new iPad Air and second generation iPad mini, which will come with the productivity suite pre-installed.

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Gondee3166d ago

Wow, this was a serious unexpected power play by apple. Its almost like everyone is trying to leave Microsoft with the image of nickel and dimming. I highly doubt they did this to counter Surface a haha

scorpian0073166d ago

Not really sucker punch when you have to pay minimum $1000 for a shit computer to get this stuff for "free"

ArmrdChaos3165d ago

This is just confirmation that their hardware is overpriced. They have to answer to stock holders just like everyone else...nothing is given for free.