Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina Officially Released

WCCF: Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina has been released. All details given. Featues of the iPad Air include being 1 pound in weight, 10 Hour Battery Life and Retina Display.

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eferreira2802d ago

my first tablet will be the ipad air. looks good

Crazay2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Admittedly, the size is sexy but i still think their pricing structure is out to lunch and I despise their craptacular OS and the pretentious attitude that so many CrApple users have. So, having said that I'll pass.

LOL_WUT2802d ago

Your loss looks like a very well made tablet ;)

Crazay2802d ago

That's fine by me, but in all honesty, I see your posts across the N4G, Filmwatch and techspy and see nothing but a trolls comments when your name appears on my screen. You always post or respond to people's comments with the exact opposite of what they say.

Raf1k12802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Well made yes but worth the price?..

edit: was waiting to see what the new mini would be like as the first was disappointing spec wise. I'm going to do some comparisons before I decide to buy it as I do like the quality of their products. The price is always what puts me off.

eferreira2802d ago

but this comment isn't trolling? Lol please.

Crazay2802d ago

Nope, I give accolades but explain why i refuse to buy their product. 2 bubs? "Lol please"

mcstorm2802d ago

Well to me this is time for Microsoft and Nokia to market the hell out the Surface 2 and the Lumia Tablet as they are priced better and will do more than the Ipad to. I really do think Apple are starting to struggle with where they want to take there product lines and are in need of a big change.

Pillsbury12802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I was hoping they would integrate mavericks on the iPad with their new 64 bit architecture. One day I will have my touchscreen mac. One day...

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