Nexus 5: What Do We Know?

The Macho Nacho: For the past few weeks, the mobile tech world has been buzzing with rumours and leaks of Google’s new flagship smartphone.

If the images and spec sheets doing the rounds are correct, then there isn’t really much left for Google to unveil.

But what exactly do we know about the new Nexus smartphone?

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Crazay2104d ago

I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus almost 2yrs ago and it's starting to feel tired but there's nothing out there that's making me sit up and take notice and there's nothing rumored to be coming that can do it either...Looks like I'll wait until summer to see what happens.

hollabox2102d ago

I'm looking at the Samsung Note 3! Nexus might be interesting but I heard no removal battery or storage which is a deal breaker for me. My Sprint contract ends 11/04/2013, hopefully more info is released by then or the phone itself so I can possibly pick it up in 3 weeks time.

Crazay2102d ago

The note it pretty cool but just that side of too big for me.

hollabox2102d ago

Yeah agree, but that screen is nice. I'm just scared I might break it working in IT with my phone in my pocket 90 percent of the time.

Crazay2102d ago

Same here...IT always on the run