Maximum PC | Crucial M500 480GB SSD Review

Maximum PC: The Crucial M500 is the company’s third-generation 6Gb/s SSD, and the successor to the often-praised M4 SSD, which we named the “Best Bang for your Buck” SSD back last year due to its well-rounded package of decent performance at a great price. In our estimation, the new drive follows suit, though with much-improved write speeds and massively increased capacities at lower prices, thanks to its move to smaller-process NAND flash. Not only does it come in the standard 120GB, 240GB, and the 480GB version you see before you, but it’s also offered in a pants-tightening 1TB version at just $600, making it the only truly affordable 1TB SSD ever offered. Since the terabyte drive was not available at press time, we’re taking a look at the 480GB version, which sports the exact same specs as its big brother.

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mpctips1831d ago

Pretty aggressive price on the 1TB model, relatively speaking.

Crazay1830d ago

I love my SSD...soooooo much (Thanks Techspy) but damn would I ever love a 480GB+