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How To Build A Gaming PC That Doesn’t Suck

ThatNaiajBlog - Console gamers tend to live under the shadow of a device that can’t be stacked with additional power. You are meant to suffer with it for close to 6-7 years. This has been the argument for PC gamers, they claim to have unlimited freedom and play games in the highest of quality.

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MyFeetHurt3180d ago

since the x280 II whatever came out, radeon 7950 are going for less that $200... cant beat that.

Tzuno3180d ago

nah man that sucks because is power hungry. One good budget idea is cpu G2030 4gb ram 1333mhz and hd 7770. you will be amazed how good it will go.

jeffgoldwin3179d ago

Next gen consoles certainly are not overpowered. My 1 year old gaming laptop is about twice as powerful. It cost a lot more, and I get the value for what you pay is great with consoles, but still they have mid to low end components before they even release.

Also w/e multiple things you were saying the consoles can do, the pc have already been able to do for about a decade now and plus several dozens things consoles cannot do. So those arguements are just flimsy marketing hype.

IceKoldKilla3178d ago

In theory it would seem your PC is a beast and you can do everything PS4 can and more without issues like a console offers (by that I mean usually no errors with the system during gaming). BUT I would bet that if we put a PS4 with lets say Gran Turismo and any other racing game on PC, you would then realise PS4 isn't as bad as PC gamers want it to be. Not only do consoles usually push the power the hardware offers to the best they can but the OS helps a lot. You also gotta keep in mind the devs are the ones making the games on both platforms so your PC isn't using its super powerful hardware playing Call of Duty, Saints Row, Need for Speed, etc. It probably will look slightly better but not a HUGE difference like PS2 & PS3. Know what I mean? At cost of that you have it all for $400 or less (depends where you buy it) and all the goodies a console offers because of it having exclusive features and what not. And add PS+ and you have a wonderful gaming system! If you have the money and I mean myself too, I'd buy the best PC I could and would enjoy it as much because in certain cases games DO look way better and you enjoy a computer which offers things a console doesn't aside from the gaming aspect.

KiLLeRCLaM3180d ago

You must be drunk lol you can play with those specs but on low settings..

jeffgoldwin3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Idk man, all gaming rigs shud be at 8gb ram. It's so cheap, really no excuse for that imo. Heck even the underpowered next-gen consoles have 8gb of ram.

proudly_X3179d ago

That's because the over-powered next-gen consoles is not just about gaming.

If you are dedicating your PG to just gaming "alone" 4GB should work perfectly.

Parasyte3180d ago

Save yourself a few bucks and get an AMD FX-6300 instead of the APU. You'll be using a graphics card anyway, so why go with an APU?

Dasteru3180d ago

Beat me to it. Why pay the extra for the GPU half of an APU when using a standalone GPU anyways. Get an FX-6300 for $5 less and end up with a better CPU.

Cernunnos3180d ago

Picking up some secondhand i7s or i5s from a few gens back is a good idea too. If you can find a cheap, used i5 2500k for instance, then that is still a great chip that clocks like a champ.

Deathdeliverer3179d ago

This is the kind of help I need. 3k to spend on a pc and don't know where to start. I want it to be a beast and I want it to last. (graphically) I got a great laptop about 2 years ago but it's not keeping up with high graphic settings anymore. I would love to get another laptop but I think desktop graphics might stay "current" longer since you can load them up with shit. If any knowledgeable person wants to help PM me.

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