2014 iPad mini specs, improving near perfection

Tech-Culture writes: Love or hate Apple you have to admit they found the sweet spot with the iPad Mini. But what will the iPad Mini refresh bring? Here's what hardware changes we think are needed to combat the barrage of Android alternatives.

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theseeder3636d ago

Just improve the display and make it a bit faster and it will be great~!

blackmanone3635d ago

- Said every iPhone iteration ever.

cell9893635d ago

Are you not entertained with the new 64bit iPhone 5S processor?

blackmanone3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Lol, I couldn't help but read your comment out loud as Russel Crowe in Gladiator. Did no one else do that? What? I'm the only one?

mcstorm3635d ago

Im sure it will sell well like the other ones but for me its about the Surface 2 this year.

CraigandDayDay3635d ago

I liked the Mini 1. I just wanted it to have a Retina to begin with. But, we traded it in for my iPhone. I'll probably be picking up a Mini 2 for my wife. She makes cakes for a living and needs a tablet for that. It's easier for us to stay with Apple since my account can go on her devices too and all the Apps purchased work across the board. And iTunes can be synced up to all of them. Such an easy ecosystem for us to work with.

JustInTlME3635d ago

I've been waiting for an iPad Mini retina since the day the first iPad Mini was announced. If they don't announce one this year they are SEVERELY dropping the ball. I can't believe Apple never did this from the beginning. They are leaving themselves so open to competition from Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.

I've always been one of the biggest Apple fans out there, but if they don't do people like me right and release a product that we actually want, I may be forced to get something else.

I sold my iPad 2 about 4-5 months ago in hopes that the iPad Mini 2 was going to be announced earlier in the year. If they don't get it released in 2013, I'm going to be PISSED!


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