Steve Ballmer In Emotional Tears As He Bids Goodbye To Microsoft

ThatNaijaBlog - Microsoft’s boss Steve Ballmer showed high emotions and was left with tears in a farewell message to the company he was part of for more than three decades.

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Anarki2823d ago

meks me cri errytim!!!

mp12892823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Took too long, i thought he left months ago.

iamnsuperman2823d ago

It is nice to see a CEO so emotionally connected to his company but damn he should have left years ago. It is almost like his emotions blind sighted his judgement. They need a cold heartless bastard that has had CEO experience before. I think they need to not do it from within as I think that could cripple them (thinking to internally when Microsoft has some major problems it needs to sort now before it is too late)

evil_element2823d ago

He's a billionaire, who thought he knew better than anyone else. Wouldn't listen to his users and used his M$ position as a platform to be a celebrity.

I have no sympathy for him.

He is an investor not programmer, designer, thinker or creative person. He see's money and nothing else.

jeffgoldwin2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )


You sound just like a welfare recipient jealous of rich people. I almost guarantee you he got to be ceo from hard work.

Newsflash, 99% of everyone that goes to work does so for money. When you move away from home, you'll soon be motivated by money too. Believe me....please?

evil_element2816d ago


News flash. He didn't get to be CEO because he did hardwork he was an angle investor in Microsoft at the start. Dumbass.

He made billions from sitting on his shares not lifting a leg.

I don't live on state benefit sorry, some folk aren't self driven by money like your self.

ArmrdChaos2823d ago

Ballmer had no business being in that position in the first place. It was no different that placing a insurance salesman in charge of a rocket launch.

5eriously2823d ago

One idiot out another even bigger idiot in. What a M$ calamity!

LiQuiZoN2823d ago

Is this guy serious...If this was Bill Gates, then ok, because he built it from the ground up, but Steve Ballmer? Really..? No symphathy.

and your "Ethics"...say Hello to the NSA for me.

Speed-Racer2823d ago

Dude, no one had a choice when it came to the NSA. Either you fork up your info or go out of business.

proudly_X2823d ago

You are absolutely right. It's that scary..

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The story is too old to be commented.