The DARK Side of CyanogenMod aka Cyanogen Inc

Android Fan Network- A few days ago CyanogenMod announced Cyanogen Inc, a new commercial company which already had an investment of $7 million. A few days later Focal was removed from CyanogenMod due to differences with Focal’s developer Guillaume Lesniak aka xplodwild. The initial removal commit message said that there were a lot of issues with Focal and it was not working well with a lot of devices, later Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen jumped in and mentioned about the rift and that it was better that Focal continued as an independent identity.

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Settler3818d ago

aw man I always thought cm was like ...the most noble ROM developers. or something like that


CyanogenMod community launches Lineage OS: A new open source program

A few days ago news breakout that Cyanogen Inc. is suspending all of its services by the end of this year.Everybody was waiting for the community’s word on this matter, and they have spoken. CyanogenMod community launches Lineage OS, A new open source program that will carry forward the work of Cyanogen Inc.

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Cyanogen services are shutting down- R.I.P CyanogenMod

It is official Cyanogen Inc. is shutting down all the Cyanogen services. However, the source code will remain available for anyone who is willing to build the Mod personally.

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CyanogenMod Adds Official Nightly Support For The LG G3 S, G3 Beat, G2 Mini, And Optimus L70

The CyanogenMod Team continues to expand its list of officially-supported devices, and now the LG section of said list is longer by four entries.

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