BBM for iPhone makes its official debut, Android version is imminent too

ETECHMAG: Something that was considered impossible just a few years ago has finally happened. The official BBM app for iPhone has been released in the App Store and is now available for download. While the iOS version is out now the BBM app for Android is also going to become available in next few hours. Once the apps are available to download the users of both these popular mobile platforms will be able to use the popular service and chat with their friends and family who have Blackberry, iOS and Android devices.

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colonel1793659d ago

If they had launched this app a long time ago, when BlackBerry was relevant, they would have had a lot of success, and maybe Whatsapp and other messaging apps wouldn't even exist. Too bad they preferred to keep it by themselves because of money.

Speed-Racer3659d ago

Worst effing launch ever. The only way I got to try it out was with the leaked version on Android. Just saw a blog post from BB saying that the system is riddled with problems and official launch has been halted.

SnakeCQC3658d ago

LOL why didn't you just wait for the official release?

Speed-Racer3658d ago

Well I had the beta about a week before, and a few hours after the launch, it hadn't come out yet. Folks said the beta worked and I tried it, and heck, it worked. Didn't expect it to be the root of this much trouble. Now we are into day 2 and no official app is out yet for Android users.

3658d ago

Famous ChatGPT app Petey is currently available for iPad

The famous ChatGPT application for Apple Watch, Petey, became available for iPhone a couple of months ago.

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Apple's 'batterygate' ends with a $65 payday for iPhone users

In the grand scheme of things, Batterygate may be just a blip on Apple's radar, a $500 million hiccup for a company worth trillions.

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iOS 17 beta 4 to ruined a couple of new iPhone 15 Pro features

As Apple has made iOS 17 beta 4 available to registered developers, a couple of iPhone users are observing several exciting modifications.

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