Sony to sell PS4 at a loss originally, PS Plus to benefit revenues

Gamechup- Sony will be making a loss on the PS4 when it goes on sale later this year in NA and EU, it has been revealed by Sony Japan executive Masayasu Ito.

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kingPoS2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Sad to hear Sony take a loss on PS4 production, but glad to know the loss is minimal.
PS +... I'll keep with that. More than enough excellent content features to keep me content. Whether it's PS3, Vita, PS4 or Vita TV - I'm all good.

mushroomwig2827d ago

I can see why they decided to charge for multiplayer now, I suppose they had no real option really. PS Plus is definitely worth it t hough.

FRAKISTAN2827d ago

PS Plus is definitely worth it though TIMES 100

AsimLeonheart2827d ago

It has always been that way except for Nintendo that only this gen started selling Wii U at a minor loss. The only difference among various consoles has been how much of a loss. Sony has said multiple times that the losses with PS4 are minimal and nowhere near PS3 so they will break even very soon.