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Nokia still working on Android phone, won’t cancel until November

Unwired View- Over the weekend New York Times and The Verge reported that before they decided to sell mobile business to Microsoft, Nokia was working on a cheap Android phone codenamed “Mountain View” as a “Plan B” – if they failed to break through with Windows Phone.

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Settler2825d ago

This is like the ultimate insurance policy. I bet Nokia showed up to all their Microsoft sale negotiations just casually with a few of these lying around

Raf1k12824d ago

I've been waiting for phone after phone and want to get a Nexus 5 at the end of the year but if this is true I might just end up doing some more waiting.

Nokia + Android = instant win

2824d ago
bahabeast2823d ago

they should have used android and wp8 from the get go and they wouldnt have had to think about selling out.

SilentNegotiator2823d ago

The writing was definitely on the wall sooner than they reacted.

kevnb2823d ago

they should just do it, so much money they are leaving on the table...

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