Windows Phone’s big problem isn’t a lack of apps

The Next Web- So, the iPhone event came and went, people argued on Apple’s innovation credentials, the Android vs. iOS debate reared its head again. Another week in this bubble we call ‘tech’.

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Settler3258d ago

No Google maps, no YouTube. No me.

Soldierone3257d ago

Lack of apps is a HUGE reason to it. MS can say "oh its coming" as much as they want. I still remember Zune and MS saying "oh more coming" the entire life of that thing. MS sucks at working with others to bring things to their gadgets. It doesn't help that the stuff they need is coming from their rival.

Why downgrade to a device when these two have established something big? That and the appeal of Windows Phone is so low. They don't have any interesting phones and Windows itself isn't too appealing on phones. I'm more interested in a FireFox phone than a Windows phone....