iPhone 5S Specs Leaked

HardwarePal : If you were thinking you were going to have a day without Apple news you were wrong. As we already informed you , Apple has scheduled the iPhone 5S and 5C release for tomorrow, September 10th,and has been doing its best to stop any leaks concerning its new products.

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Miskonius2844d ago

Then how bad will iPhone 5C actually be?

KingPin2844d ago

5C = iphone 4.
anything less than that is simply not worth it. but knowing apple...5C will be the 3GS renamed.

Miskonius2843d ago

I wouldn't be surprised.
Holding an Apple product is thing of a prestige, doesn't really matter whats inside... ;)

joffa812844d ago

The iPhone 5c will probably be the iPhone 4/4s replacement moving all iPhones to a multi core cpu base dropping the iPhone 4 range altogether. It most likely will have the same internals as the iPhone 4S but with the plastic body.

Agent_hitman2843d ago

Whatever!..... This sh!t will still be expensive anyway..

Killjoy30002843d ago

It's like Call of Duty - Annual, predictable trash.