Delete any Photo from Facebook by Exploiting Support Dashboard

Arulxtronix: Indian researcher Arul Kumar (Hacker) received a reward of $12,500 when he noticed a security flaw in Facebooks network that would allow him to delete user submitted photos.


Hack has been fixed.

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fatstarr2581d ago

wow this is dope that he found it. definitely made a ton of rent money.

its a shame the fb security officer was so dismissive and rudeish.

testing3212581d ago

Even though I would have gladly taken the 12k they offered, I think he deserved a lot more. Had the wrong person discovered this vulnerability they could have done a lot of damage.

RE_L_MAYER2580d ago

Why pay alot if they can settle on the smallest ammount....hell favebook could of gave him 125000 dollas but no they are greedy