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Nokia Lumia 925 available for pre-order at AT&T.

Android Waypoint: The Nokia Lumia 925 is coming to an AT&T store near you on Sept. 13. With the release of AT&T's new Next plan, you now have two purchase options. $21 per month with AT&T Next or $99.99 with a two-year agreement.

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mcstorm3748d ago

I have had my 925 for a month now and love it. The battery is the best ived used on any smart phone and the camera is un matched by any other phone apart from the 1020.

MericS3748d ago

That's awesome. Sounds like a huge recommend. You like the windows phone experience?

mcstorm3747d ago

I do for me I find Windows Phone the best OS on the market for what I do. The its missing apps thing I have not found to be true as everything I use my phone for there is an app for it. It is missing some games but im not a gamer and it seems most of the games are on the platform now.

As for the existence I have yet to have a issue with the device. The OS is always very fast and slick. Live tiles are great for getting the information you need without going into apps.

I also have xbox music pass and I have to say subscription music is for me the best way to have music as I here a song on the radio hit the search button and the music button and can then download the song. (I know others offer this) but works well with xbox music to as I have a surface and 360 too to sync music with.

The thing im most impressed with though is voice. I ride a bike to work and have a Bluetooth headset and when I get a text message ect it always works well when replying even with loud background noise.


AT&T is placing data limits on HBO Max again

This comes after new net neutrality laws pass in California.

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PrimeVinister990d ago

Ajit Pai has a lot to answer for.


AT&T's CEO predicts people will continue to cut cable out of their budget

AT&T’s CEO John Stankey said that he expects the pay-TV industry to soon hit a level of little or no growth. He predicts that it will plateau once the number of pay-TV subscribers falls somewhere between 55 and 60 million users.

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AT&T’s 5G ain’t s*** (yet), according to new PCMag report

PCMag released its Fastest Mobile Networks report and there are plenty of interesting insights to be found, including ones about 5G.

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