Surveillance Technology at Workplace: How to allay Employee concerns

Mirolta: Businesses often say they need to rely on surveillance technology or software to protect themselves against any possible fraud from their employees. While that argument has a lot of merit, and if I were a business owner I might think the same, I’m just wondering how ethical all this snooping around is from an employee’s point of view.....

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KingPin3277d ago

the guy who wrote this is purely a rank amateur. i really mean that.

1. What’s up with hidden Security Cameras?
clearly he hasnt worked in any company that keeps stock. staff stealing stock is quite common. and its not like company owners are sitting 24/7/365 viewing the video feed. its more of a "if it happens we have proof" type of thing. they dont sit and watch people work on their pcs and see who is on youtube for how long.

3. Use Email-Tracking Software judiciously
again, this dude thinks people actually reads the 100s of emails sent a day. i think staff got more important things than to sit and read emails to find the one which has dirt on someone. companies keep tracking software for other purposes such as reviewing queries etc. and anyone dumb enough to use company email to find a new job really isn't smart enough to work where they are.

4. Define “Excessive Personal Use”
i think anyone who has work to do knows their limits of personal use. if you come in to work to browse the internet for more than 2-3 hours a day(excluding lunch), thats excessive personal use.

dilawer3277d ago

I agree with you. Business owners need a way to keep any eye on all their staff for any fraudulent behavior.